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For over a century, the New York Daily News has sounded the alarms of the afflicted and given voice to the voiceless. It has been a watchdog of the five boroughs, racking up eleven Pulitzer Prizes along the way. Its newsroom has nurtured many a journalistic giant. Today, it continues its mission of chronicling New York life.


The daily news has a long history. Its roots are traced to the medieval period. Newspapers were initially published weekly but began publishing more often after the 16th century. This allowed for more space to be devoted to advertisements and market reports. This shift transformed the role of journalists from mere observers to active players in commerce. In turn, business owners and investors began to rely on daily news for marketing their products and predicting business developments. This increased the demand for daily news, and publishers began to start daily publications. In Germany, for example, in 1650, a publisher started publishing the Einkommende Zeitung.


The Daily News has made changes to its features desk. Former deputy managing editor Chris Oswald has been named features editor. He was hired after the health of the previous editor, Michael Heisler, deteriorated. Oswald has ramped up celebrity coverage, revived the gossip pages, and introduced new fashion spreads and restaurant reviews. The paper is also reshaping its outer borough bureaus.


The Daily News is published by Daily News, LP, a newspaper publisher based in New York. It is one of the largest newspapers in the city and offers a wide variety of articles, classified ads, and online content.

Pulitzer Prizes

The Pulitzer Prize for Daily News journalism is regarded as one of the most prestigious journalism awards in the world. The award is presented annually to the best newspapers in various categories, and the Daily News has won four Pulitzer Prizes for its work. In 1976, the newspaper won a Pulitzer Prize for public service for a series on the Teamsters union. In 1989, the paper was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for photography.

Digital edition

If you want to read the Daily News from your smartphone, tablet, or PC, you should consider downloading the digital edition. The digital edition is easy to read, has the same size as the print version, and offers features such as zooming into the pages, keyword searches, and e-mail alerts. It also lets you read articles offline and share them with friends and family. Digital editions of the Daily News are also free to download.

Editorial board

The Editorial Board of the Daily News includes publisher Richard J. Warren, editorial page editor Susan Young, and BDN president Todd Benoit. Susan Young has been with the newspaper for more than 25 years. Matt Junker joined the editorial board last year. He was previously a legislative aide to Sen. Angus King before joining the daily news staff.