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December 20, 2012 – Mexico City. From the office of WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán.

The following is one of the weekly “Hook to the Liver” columns by WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán that are published in El Universal every Sunday. From December 16, translated from Spanish:

My Dream of Helping Boxing

The 50th anniversary convention of the World Boxing Council concluded. They returned to the five continents, the more than 1,500 attendees who traveled across the seas to the Mexican paradise: Cancun.

The image of Muhammad Ali, my endearing friend of so many fights, will remain, along with the spilled tears to see that giant of boxing. It is the gratitude for so many people in boxing, who have worked so hard to make the image of Mexico for the world as it is: a country of work, hospitality, rosy faces, and good faith.

We also recognize the great help of my friend Roberto Borge, Governor of Quintana Roo, to whom we owe gratitude for his great hospitality, without which we couldn’t do our great convention. Perhaps it was the best, most positive, with more Mexican style, with more union and unwavering friendship, in history. I cannot leave out my friend Egidio Torre Cantu, Governor of Tamaulipas, who was kind enough to help us. His parents were close friends of my family since our youth in the land of my love, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.

I was elected again as President, when I had already decided to close the pages of my passage through the organization and sport of my love. 37 years is a lifetime in which I’ve seen everything. Since my childhood in the Sierra Tamaulipas in Jaumave, where I heard the triumph of the great Joe Louis, who later became my friend. Being a close friend of immortal Sugar Ray Robinson. Jack Dempsey, whom I visited in his restaurant in New York. Also of Mike Tyson, who I visited many times. The most popular and largest promoter of all, Don King. Many Mexican idols who went through the daily pages of my life.

When I listened to the affection of the people at the time of my re-election, moments in my life came to mind that made me commit my body and soul to boxing. When as a child another kid broke my nose and mouth in the ring. To have known in my very early youth and adolescence the deceit, abuse, exploitation of boxers. Seeing that they went out injured, without having any help to take them to the doctor.

When I reached to the WBC, I decided to implement safe hospitalization. To take care of medical expenses of boxers. Create intermediate divisions, like super bantamweight. Bring four ropes to the ring instead of three, after the death of Davey Moore, who died because he hit his skull on the top rope after a punch from Ultiminio Ramos. The implementation of the glove with attached thumb, after countless retina detachments by the illegal use of the thumb on the eyes of the opponent. Change the official weigh-in to 24 hours before the fights, when before it was done six hours before the bout, with the boxers totally dehydrated. The obligation of anti-doping tests to avoid damage to the health of boxers with stimulants or dangerous drugs. Championship fights lowered to 12 rounds. Announcing every four rounds the cards of judges. The instant review of fouls with video to bring clarity and justice. There are many other things that have helped us to change dramatically the well-being of the sport of professional boxing. Although sometimes I was condemned, as when in Reno, Nevada, the first championship fight was held over 12 rounds, the public booed me as never before, or later, when my name was announced.

The applause from my dear friends during my election made me understand that I was born to to live for boxing. That my obligation is to follow what I have always done and served boxing

Now our plan is to intervene and revive amateur boxing, which is currently in the worst crisis in history. We also need to impose an international visa, to avoid the use of boxers for their exploitation, organize a professional boxing World Cup, for the first time in history, and many more things.

I take this election as a humble and modest opportunity to serve in what I love the most, boxing.

Thank you and until next week.The WBC Board of Governors has voted for the 2012 WBC Awards, as follows:

WBC Boxer of the Year: Sergio Martínez (Argentina)

WBC Champion of the year: Danny García (United States)

Fight of the Year: Robert Guerrero (United States) vs. Andre Berto (United States)

Most Dramatic Fight of the Year: Sergio Martínez (Argentina) vs. Julio Cesar Chávez Jr. (México)

Most Dominant Performance: Saúl “Canelo” Alvarez (Mexico) vs. Shane Mosley (United States)

Knockout of the Year: Danny García (United States) vs. Erik Morales (Mexico)

Revelation of the Year: Adrian Broner (United States)

Most Impressive Champion: Lucas Matthysse (Argentina)