WBC Convention in Las Vegas by Pete Moscardi

When Golden Gloves boss, Rodney Berman, recently commissioned HotBox trainer, Colin Nathan, to attend the WBC Convention in Las Vegas as a GGP representative, it was tantamount to giving a kid the freedom of a candy store.

Nathan is a fanatical fan of boxing and loves nothing more than rubbing shoulders with the great names of past and present fighters and to collect autographs. “The trip exceeded even my wildest expectations and I was just blown away after personally meeting up with many of the legends of the ring,” Nathan says.

Colin was fortunate in being taken under the wing of Eric Armit, a wellknown
boxing columnist and a former head of the WBC’s Ratings Committee. “I also got to meet up with Bob Yalin, the former producer of ABC Sports,” Colin says. The names of the fighters with whom Colin had his photograph taken and whose autographs he obtained was like a veritable shopping list. “There were just too many to mention, but some of these included Oscar de la Hoya, Don King, Roy Jones, Evander Holyfield, Thomas Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ricardo Lopez and
Sergio Martinez.

“These were champion guys and they all reacted in a friendly manner towards this unknown South African who was requesting their photograph or autograph. I came across only one exception. Mike McCallum was an idiot. When I approached him and asked for his autograph he turned around and asked how much money I had. And when I asked him if he would mind my being photographed next to him I got the same answer. I just walked away in disgust,” Nathan says.