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Empower Your Kids With News-O-Matic

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News-O-Matic, the leading online news resource for elementary students, has been empowering kids to become more informed about the world around them since 2013. With more than 12,000 articles published daily in three Lexile levels and multiple languages, you can teach critical thinking skills, media literacy, and global awareness to all of your children with a single subscription.

Educators love the rich content and the ease of use. Thousands of teachers incorporate News-O-Matic into their ELA, science, social studies and SEL curriculums. In addition to articles, News-O-Matic has a large library of lesson plans, activities and learning resources, including units that correlate to state and national standards.

The latest breaking news from the world’s most exciting cities, sports and entertainment.

With a full archive of stories from the last five years, Breaking News features breaking news in English and Spanish in the form of articles with rich vocabulary that is easily accessible to students of all reading abilities.

The site provides an easy-to-navigate news interface that allows you to browse the latest stories in your area and find a story you’re interested in by category, date or keyword. The site also includes a “Read to Me” feature that records each article in authentic dialect for students to listen to as they read along.

Teaching with Breaking News

Breaking News is a great way to give students the chance to read, discuss and respond to an article in real time. It can be a fun way to build community in the classroom, and it provides a variety of interesting informational content that can be used as the basis for many different kinds of lessons and projects.

In addition to the news itself, Breaking News offers interactive features such as polls, games and a “Read to Me” feature. It can also be a good way to get your students excited about the topics you’re talking about, while encouraging them to think critically and to make choices based on what they learn.

Helping students learn about local events, crime and other important news is essential for strengthening American democracy in the 21st century. However, in today’s fractured media environment, there are fewer reliable sources of local news available.

It’s important for students to learn about the local and regional news stories that impact their communities, as these news events can have a direct influence on their everyday lives. When students have access to the local, regional and national news stories they need to know about, it can be a powerful way to foster discussion and debate, and help them to make informed decisions about their daily lives.

The news in local communities is often based on community concerns and needs. Whether it’s crime, school issues, transportation or other local matters, it’s important for students to be aware of these issues so that they can make informed choices about their daily lives.

With the right information, students can make educated decisions about their communities, their families and their futures. They can be a valuable partner to their parents, educators and other local leaders in shaping the city they live in.