Basil “No Apologies” Ray - by Jeff Ellis

The ever-popular Basil Ray seems destined to be involved in boxing forever. Sometimes too nice to be a fighter, yet awesome when on form, his love for the sport has rubbed of on his two son’s Cowen (14) and Duran (18) years of age.

Whilst chatting to Basil, he told me that he believed a solid amateur career for his boys was what they needed to excel. The boys train at the Transnet Boxing Academy in Silverton Pretoria under the watchful eye of Johan Prinsloo and Elvis Makamba who participated in the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

I have seen the two brothers in action and must definitely acknowledge that they both have the ability to produce the goods in the professional ranks. No doubt they
will become champions when the time comes. I suggest you remember the names of Cowen Ray - 8 fights 7 wins and Duran Ray -12 fights 11 wins. In his most recent fight Duran won with a devastating knockout in less than 20 seconds of the 1st round.

As for Basil he will be back in the ring sometime in November. I am happy to inform you that I will be taking a personal interest in his training from now on. So watch this space.