World Boxing Council News

July 17, 2012 – Mexico City.
From the office of WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán:


Hereunder excerpts from the WBC:

1. “The World Boxing Council will celebrate the first Olympic Games of Professional Boxing by organizing the WBC World Cup of Professional Boxing, in which the champions or appointed representatives of each one of the 10 continental federations, in addition to the International champions and Silver World Champions for a total of 12 teams. “
2. “The WBC World Cup will be supervised from the World Boxing Council offices in Mexico City, but will have a general coordinator on each one of the 12 teams.”
3. “The tournament will consist of 4 stages: Elimination Stage Quarter-finals Stage Semi-finals Stage WBC Cup World Championship"
4. “The WBC World Cup will have a total of 96 participants, boxers from all the countries in the 12 teams.”
5. “The elimination round will consist of 48 bouts.”
6. “The roll of bouts between the winners that qualify to the Quarter-finals Stage will be done through a draw, as well as the following steps up to the World Championship.”
7. “An estimated report of fights is attached, subject to changes and considerations in accordance with the opinion of the members of the WBC Board of Governors.”
8. “Our goal is that every fighter, during the tournament of the WBC World Cup, steps in the ring with the uniform in colors of his country.”
9. “The WBC World Cup will not object other fights that, in the meantime, the boxers wish to take part in, on the understanding that if the boxer loses or is not ready for his scheduled fight, he will automatically be disqualified and the confederation must appoint his replacement.”
10. “The television networks are preparing a great promotional presentation for the World Cup that is held for the first time in the history of professional boxing and that will be broadcast to all the countries of the world.”
11. “Payments of purses to the different boxers according to their weight divisions are estimated to be:
First Round:
$40,000 USD for the winner
$20,000 USD for the defeated contender
Second Round:
$75,000 USD for the winner
$25,000 USD for the defeated contender
$100,000 USD for the winner
$50,000 USD for the defeated contender
$200,000 USD for the winner
$70,000 USD for the defeated contender”
12. “As an award in addition to the boxers´ salaries, the World Boxing Council will agree and determine that the champion of the World Cup of each one of the 8 weight divisions be the next official challenger for the World champion of the division.”
13. “There will be a belt for the WBC World Cup.

October 3, 2012
Press Release

The WBC fines Chavez Jr 20 thousand US Dollars and an undefined suspension.

The WBC Board of Governors have made their final decision about the positive test for marijuana by Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, surrounding his last fight on September 15th against Sergio Martinez.

Having accepted and expressed regret for what he did, including his hand written apology to fans, as posted below, Julio Jr shows his positive mentality on this matter, which makes it unnecessary for the WBC to examine the second urine sample. Chavez Jr will have an audience with the WBC, as indicated by our rules, if desired.

The WBC fines Chavez Jr $20,000 USD. This sum will be donated to a medical center that cares for children with cancer.

The WBC has also decided to suspend him for an undefined time, so he can enter a rehab center. And we want official confirmation that he’s so doing. The WBC will open its doors once again to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, so he can continue his successful career when he feels he can return. The suspension will last as long as the rehab center advises.

The Nevada Boxing Commission is independent of this matter, due to the fact that it did not have the courtesy to work with the WBC in this fight.

The antidoping rules in the WBC, try to prevent boxers fighting under the influence of drugs, and that is why sanctions are applied.

But...we also give boxers the chance to continue a career path, after they undergo rehab. Our goal is to help them and not condemn them, as modern society does.

Below are the words of Julio Cesar regarding this matter:

“Any explanation or justification that I try to give about the recent events will be of no use. That is why I want to say that I’m totally responsible of my actions, as well as the consequences thereof”.

“I want to apologize to all the people who felt offended by my actions. I made them, and only I should face the consequences”

“I can say that I will come out of this, and it will help me to become stronger, I will do my very best to change.

“This begins a new stage in my career. I will train towards achieving new targets, one of which is without doubt the rematch with Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez.

I want to thank the support given to me by the people who love me, and who look up to me. Thank you for your time”.