Ben Foord - by Jeff Ellis

There was a time when Ben Foord was the best heavyweight in the British Empire, with prospects of challenging Joe Louis for the world heavyweight title.

Foord was the only South African to win both the British and Empire heavyweight titles. He turned professional in 1932 at the age of 19 and went on to fight a number of future champions and notable - A Grade fighters.

Names that hit the mark are Larry Gains, Tommy Loughran, Jack Petersen, Walter Neusel, Max Baer, Max Schmeling, Roy Lazer, Tommy Farr and Jack London.

Max Baer and Max Schmeling both went on to win the biggest prize in boxing, the undisputed heavyweight championship in the world.

Foord's winning ways saw him beat world light heavyweight champion Tommy Loughran and Tommy Farr, the rock hard Welshman who went 15 rounds with the great Joe Louis.

All the above fights took place before Foord had reached the tender age of 25. After losing his South African title to Tommy Bensch he ended his career with a win over Tom Porter in a 4 rounder.

His death at the age of 29 years was tragic, an accident that should never have happened. Without a doubt he made his mark as a noteworthy South African heavyweight champion.

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