Angelo Dundee: Ring Great! by Terry Pettifer

Born in 1921, Angelo Dundee is best remembered as the trainer of the inimitable Muhammad Ali, but in truth there were another 15 world champions he worked with, including Carmen Basilio, Sugar Ray Leonard, Willie Pastrano, George Foreman and Jimmy Ellis. Regarded as one of Ringdom’s greatest ever mentor’s, Dundee learnt his trade as a “bucket boy” under the legendary Charlie Goldman, Chickie Ferrera and Ray Arcel, three of the finest trainers the fight game has ever known.

Like anyone else, Dundee has his all-time choices and based on a one-on-one interview he had during 1995, here are some of them.

EARLIEST BOXING MEMORY: “Seeing (Joe) Louis in Europe doing his thing. He was entertaining troops during World War 11. He was such a great figure, so well-respected’ a great guy, he had such a warmth about him. He always had time for a ‘hello’ and smile.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Philadelphia

CHILDHOOD ICONS: Joe Louis and Joe Di Maggio.

HOBBIES: Square dancing.

FAVOURITE MOVIE: The Ten Commandments

ALL-TIME FAVOURITE FIGHT: Danny Nardico W 10 Charley Norkus. “One of the greatest fights I’ve ever seen”)

HARDEST HITTERS: Bob Satterfield, Sonny Liston, Ernie Shavers, Ray Robinson, Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano.

TOUGHEST FIGHTERS: Jake LaMotta and Tiger Jones.

PRE-FIGHT MEAL: Spaghetti, linguine and clam sauce, spinach and red wine.

MOST TREASURED POSSESSIONS: “Ali’s three championship rings he gave me and the one Sugar Ray (Leonard) gave me. I only wear them once in a while, always on my left hand.

MESSAGE IN LIFE: “Always try to be honest and decent. And it costs you nothing”.