Hekkie in the fight of his life by Jeff Ellis

On June 15 at Emperors Palace near Kempton Park, Golden Gloves Promotions have scheduled no less than three fights that fit the title of True Grit.

In the main event, the Hekkie Budler v Nkosinathi Joyi fight for Budler's IBO Straw Weight belt leaves one breathless, with the odds stacked against the little champion who has also won an IBO junior fly weight belt.

The 30-year-old Joyi who has held the IBO straw weight and more prestigious IBF straw weight belt claims that it is just another pay day and he will win inside five or six rounds.

Going into the fight with a record of 23-3-1nc and 16 wins inside the distance he is the bigger puncher and has fought at a higher level than Budler.

Nkosinathi's only loss was against Mario Rodriquez in Mexico under trying circumstances that saw him lose his IBF crown.

Returning to action after this setback he stopped Walter Rojas of Argentina at 2:13 on the first round and has now been rated at number three by the WBC.

Budler, 25, with a record of 22-1; 16 has definitely got more to lose than Joyi, but never hesitate when Rodney Berman of Golden Gloves Promotions offered him the fight.

I am of the opinion that this shows how his confidence has grown in leaps and bounds as he has shown in recent fights.

Johnny Muller v Ryno Liebenberg

This is the second time round for Muller and Liebenberg with Ryno one up on Johnny, but let's not forget that up until the stoppage Ryno had visited the canvas and was in a heap of trouble.

When two fighters are so evenly matched there is always going to be a big rivalry and should Johnny win it will be a set up for a rubber match.

Ali Funeka v Jason Bedeman

Bedeman has a great following at the Box and Dine shows and there is never a dull moment when he steps in the ring.

However, the odds are stacked against Bedeman as he will be facing a former South African junior light weight and WBF junior welter weight champion in the vastly more experienced Funeka.

Local Classics

There is nothing like a local match up and some of the classics that I have witnessed are:
Bushy Bester vs Charlie Weir
Charlie Weir vs Tap Tap Makathini
Harold Volbrecht vs Arthur Mayisela
Brett Taylor vs Arthur Mayisela
Fransie Bardenhorst vs Vuyani Bungu
Kosie Smith vs Sarel Aucamp
Hawk Makapula vs Baby Jake Matlala
Phillip Ndou vs Cassius Baloyi
Sugarboy Malinga vs Sakkie Horn
Johnny du Plooy vs Pierre Coetzer
Lionel Hunter vs Freddy Rafferty
Gerrie Coetzee vs Mike Schutte
Kallie Knoetze vs Gerrie Coetzee
Mike Schutte vs Jimmy Richards