The Chesa Nyama Hope - "were growing every day"

Most media releases, when they refer to a new sponsorship of any sport, would in most cases, always tell you that "we have decided to become involved to ensure the growth and development of the sport". Or, "It is our commitment and contribution to sport to enhance development of our comminity".

Nice words.

But what is the real reason for any sponsorship? Couched in glowing language and rhetoric, do these words really mean anything? Most times not. So what are we doing here?

Well, the truth is that this new sponsor, Chesa Nyama makes no bones of the fact that this sponsorship is first and foremost about business. "We're growing every day." is the company slogan and that is what our boxing sponsorthip is meant to do ... GROW! First our business and then the sport ... WE GROW, YOU GROW! Simple as that.

And to do that certain parameters have to be in place. If we are to grow as a business, we must always be aware of the quality of our product, the quality of our people, the quality of our behaviour to the public, in fact the qualiy of every single facet of our business. That is what we try and do every single waking moment of our day .. and many nights as well.

And that same philosophy applies to our sponsorship of boxing we have undertaken to-day.

In Thinus Strydom we believe we have chosen a quality indiidual to enhance our quality philosophy. But one part of the package is not enough. We will insist on a quality administration and in every other aspect of quality in the running and the administration of the sport. We realise that to build a quality brand takes time and that is why we have committed our brand to this sport for the next three years. If we can achieve this, there will be no stopping the development of not just Chesa Nyama through boxing, but the sport as well.

This is our hope and our vision.

First for Chesa Nyama and then for boxing.