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Goboxing - by Pete Moscardi

Aweb site which provides the unique facility for providing an on-line portal for all facets of amateur and professional boxing will be launched on 15 July. The web site – www.goboxing.co.za – is the innovative joint concept of Anton Gilmore of Box Office and Southern Giant fame and Gareth Masters who heads up C4direct, a marketing and advertising company.

Gilmore explains the unique concept when he says: “goboxing is designed to be South Africa’s first official on-line portal for amateur, professional and white collar gyms. It will also include trainers, managers and promoters, and will provide a directory service to managers, trainers and promoters to profile and market their services to clients in their areas.”

Created by Jeff Ellis of Webmail (the son of African Ring’s publisher), the site is guaranteed to have the required on-line impact. “And the objective is simple. It is to make gyms more popular, more profitable and better known, thus creating a single unified boxing community,” says Masters.

Gilmore and Masters expect the web site to generate very healthy traffic. This, together with goboxing’s existing affiliations to Sanabo and BSA ensure that this will be a single point of entry for every boxer/boxing enthusiast/manager/trainer and promoter in the country. The cost of purchasing a page on the web site is pegged at R300.00 per month.

The website has been designed to provide numerous benefits to its members.

A web page to profile each gym

A directory for all managers/trainers/ promoters wishing to profile and market their services

An on-line web portal linking all of South Africa’s independent gyms

A campaign to brand boxing to the masses

Advertising, equipment, tournament costs are negotiated more competitively, providing a ‘collective advantage’ for all member gyms

Financial intelligence: adopt goboxing debit order systems to streamline payments

goboxing assists gyms in becoming NPOs, hereby securing a channel for club sponsorship and creating a platform for tax deduction

A nationwide training campaign for gyms to train gym owners in improved methods of running their gyms.

“In very simple terms, what the web site is designed to achieve is to facilitate communication channels for South Africa’s boxing community, with the prime objective being to provide marketing opportunities in all the varied fields of the sport. However, it also goes beyond this. For example, if someone wants to find a gym in his or her area, then a quick search on the goboxing web site will provide that person with the required information. Likewise, if a gym owner was looking to purchase equipment for his gym he would be able to find what is available by going on to the web site,” Gilmore explains.

Once registered in the goboxing community, a member will be able to access archive material on the efficient running of gyms by reading up on promoting - or they could learn how to turn their gym into a non-profit organization with easy ‘how to’ instructions. Also on the site will be advice on nutrition for fighters and recreational people on losing weight or maintaining their health. The project aims to assist gyms in becoming financially stable enterprises.

“Consider this. There are 243 amateur gyms in the country, with around 100 professional gyms and over 50 independent recreational gyms. With some 400 gyms under one banner sharing advertising costs and knowledge, it would mean boxing becomes one of the most readily available ‘franchises’ in the country - all under the goboxing banner. This strength gives them substantial advantages in the market place. Gyms can keep their own identity and adopt our mechanisms, creating a level playing field in boxing where everyone wins.

“It’s Utopia for boxing. Country-wide seminars are planned in five major cities over next year and we’ll enlighten the owners of boxing to new methods of training for women, children, executives and future champions, plus other money making ventures. To join the goboxing team is easy. Contact us and provide some information for your profile page, and some pictures plus your logo with some paper work, and your profile page will be live on 15 July when the site is launched. This is the time when boxing needs to stand together and become united,” says Gilmore

For further information please contact:
Anton Gilmore : 083 6530190
Gareth Masters: 082 902 4035