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Muravha Living Proof that Hard Work Pays - by Bongani Magasela

At the conclusion of Bully Muravha stunning third-round stoppage of Basil Ray three weeks ago, much to the ringside press at Emperors Palace, were speechless.

Those, who could speak, were mostly reduced to one-sided responses to what
they just witnessed: “Amazing”, “Incredible”, “Unbelievable” and most common,
(and probably most fitting one) of all “Wow”.

What Muravha did to “No Apologies” should go down in his own history as an all time great performance.

Surely those, who saw him retire in the second round after going down three times against Jake Els last October, went to Emperors Palace on April 1 expecting Muravha to do just that. But they were in for a rude awakening.

Muravha, who has always weighed around 118 kilograms, looked trimmed below 100 kilograms. That, alone, gave a new meaning to the word “dedication”. Muravha, 20, from Limpopo is trained in Hilbrow, Johannesburg by George Khosi. Muravha was unhittable and never let Ray get comfortable as landed square on the target

The fight was already in the bag heading into the second round. He did everything
in his power to push for a knock out but Ray, who had become a punching bag, was rescued in the third round. What a breathtaking display by Muravha.

If ever there was a pugilistic performance that made you want to bow down at the feet of a fighter perceived as a cannon fodder, this was it.

Last week, Muravha, blasted Steven Castle away in four rounds at the Unisa Conference Centre in Ormonde, south of Jozi last weekend. Castle, a competent
fighter, had nothing to offer. He went down twice from body shots, and ultimately retired on his chair going for the fourth round. Confidence was written all over Muravha’s face even before their fight, a rematch, the main contest of Rainbow Promotions bill. His weight was 98,48 kilograms.

Some people said he is ready to take on SA heavyweight champion, Osborne
Machimana but I beg to differ.Here is a brotherly advise: “Stay away from “Big
Daddy” until at least early next year. Get more action, build your confidence, you
need rounds in order to test your durability because you don’t posses power to
knock him out”.