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Hi Jeff,

I’ve read Peter Leopengs’s comments and views on the cancelation of the Pacquiao and Mayweather fight.

Leopeng blames Paquiao for the cancellation. I don’t agree with that as it was Mayweather who made demands in the first place to which Pacquiao in his own right did not agree to.

A fighter of Pacquiao’s standing, has nothing more to prove his greatness or anything to gain in a fight with Mayweather, despite all the money involved.

Pacquiao has already proved his superiority over Mayweather in fights against common opponents.

Furthermore when a re-match with Oscar De La Hoya and Mayweather was coming up, De La Hoya, normally a very humble guy, was adamant that he was going to beat Mayweather in the rematch and couldn’t wait to get into the ring. The fight never materialized, as Mayweather decided to retire once again.

On the other hand, De La Hoya hailed Pacquaio as his hero after their fight and what better evidence do we need than from a man that would surely know what he’s talking about. I also believe that, in principle, Pacquaio a proud man, simply does not want to give into the demands of Mayweather who in turn refused to be weighed in unofficially on the night of his own fight with Juan Manuel Marques. Pacquaio has a point to prove by rejecting Mayweather’s demands.

One of Paquiao’s attributes is his punching power. In his fights against Eric Morales and Marco Antonio Barerra, (two all time great Mexican fighters) he knocked them down early in their fights. In their last fight Morales was stopped early. Pacquaio also scored knockdowns early in both fights against Juan Manuel Marques. Oscar De La Hoya took some devastating punches early in their fight from which he never recovered. Ricky Hatton was knocked down in the first round and knocked out in the second round. Miguel Cotto was also knocked down early in their fight.

The point I am trying to make is that extraordinary endurance and stamina was hardly a factor here. It was clearly Pacquaio’s punching power and I don’t see any evidence or benefits from drug taking.

Punching power is a natural ability. It can’t be taught or improved from whatever training you do in the gym, least of all – by taking performance enhancement stuff.

As they say- we are still entitled to our own opinion. The facts are there and I therefore dismiss all notions and doubts of any wrong doing by Manny Pacquaio.

Thanks for an excellent magazine.

Nico de Wet