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Terry Pettifer’s Heavyweight Analysis - by Terry Pettifer

The world heavyweight championship had its roots back in 1882, when John L.Sullivan became the first recognizable figure to preside over what has often
been called “The Richest Prize in Sport”.

Since the days of Sullivan, however, much of the romance that was associated
with Ringdom’s most treasured crown has been tarnished by the proliferation of Alphabet organizations, and most heavyweight purists ‘tossed in the towel’ after Britain’s Lennox Lewis retired from the sport in 2003.

That today’s crop of dreadnoughts are the worst in the blood-stained annals of
the fight game, seems reasonably certain and the less said about their place
among the pantheon of great fighters of the past, the better.

Yet for the purpose of readers who still heark’en back to the days when the world heavyweight champion was often the most admired man on the planet, your writer has assembled an expansive list of leading heavyweight practitioners in the most important categories of boxing.