Early Years of SA Boxing

In the early years of South African boxing, championships were in a state of confusion. Titles were claimed and relinquished and residential qualifications played no role as foreign boxers often won “South African” titles and abandoned them on their departure from the country. Mixed fights between black and white South Africans at all levels of competition was only permitted from October 1976.

However, despite this decision by the South African Boxing Board of Control, which had the backing of the then Minister of Sport, Dr Piet Koornhof, there were still black and white champions in addition to the all South African champion or Supreme champion.

The only exciting thing about the change in regulations was that for the first time in South Africa there would be a true undisputed champion in all divisions. All “Supreme Champions” automatically became national champions with the abolition of race distinction in boxing, in January 1979.

The First South African Supreme Champions

Dr Piet Koornhoff

Harold Volbrecht with the Old Buck Belt