Ready to fight – David Rajuili - by Ashleigh Egan

Describing his journey in boxing as a “crazy ten years”, David Rajuili has just recently fought and won his first professional fight. “This moment has been a long time coming” David explains with a wide smile on his face. David has boxed at many gyms with many trainers but has now found his footing with former pro Rupert Van Aswegen.

David quickly expresses what it felt like to finally enter the ring as a pro, “I got sick of telling people my fight is coming, its coming. To finally get into that ring was my life’s dream”. David had waited two years for this fight after acquiring his licence in 2010, struggling to find fights as many boxers do. A unanimous point’s decision set David’s record at 1-0-0, the four round bout proved to be fast paced and after landing a number of solid punches his opponent Moeketsi Makinta looked beat. As his hand was lifted in victory, thrilled fans jumped from their seats to congratulate David who has clearly garnered a great deal of support, especially in the South.

The bantamweight, also known as O.G., has dreams of making it overseas in the next two years but says he will take it slow and let his team decide what’s best. David refers to his “team” a lot, they are a group of people he feels a great deal of gratitude towards and is made up of his Coach Rupert, Tyrone and Ana Rightford, Warren Evans and his loyal supporters.

“Tyrone and Ana have really helped me a lot, Tyrone took me to Rupert’s gym and when I wanted to give up on boxing Ana helped me stay on track.

When asked what got him started in boxing, he refers me to well-known South African boxing hero Brian Mitchell. David’s late mother Caroline told him to watch his story and from there David knew he wanted to box. “Seeing what Brian went through in those days made me want to make boxing my life”. David started boxing with Anton Gilmore but most of his training and amateur career was carried out at the Lovett’s gym in the South. Boxing has always been a constant in David’s life and he hopes to have at least five more pro fights in the next year.

The 23-year-old is all over social network Facebook promoting himself and his fights, “I want to get out there; I want everyone to know who David Rajuili is” His hunger to fight and win is unmistakable, but David also wants people to get excited about boxing again, “I want people to love boxing like I do, to entertain fans and sell out arenas. Get people interested in the sport again”.

David’s next fight will be later this year and sponsor’s Tyron and Warren enthuse about how hard David trains. Tyron laughs as he says “If Dave could he’d sleep in the gym”. Finally I ask David who his favourite fighter is right now, Mayweather? A Klitschko brother? He replies with a cheeky grin “David Rajuili of course”.

David would like to thank his sponsors Tyrone and Ana Rightford as well as Warren Evans from Torinos Restaurant. Visit his Facebook fan page to keep updated on future fights.

photos by Gavin Langley