Dear Jeff,

Marie tells me you are keeping well and I’m happy to hear that. Tommy Hearnes the hit man from Detroit.

In Tommy’s 18th fight (he’d won all 17 fights before the 18th) he slipped and fell on the water thrown by the corner man into the corner.

Personally I think these guys think they are watering the garden. The ref correctly ruled it as a slip and not a knock down and the boxing commentator announcing to every one watching the fight that the corner men was guilty of throwing the water into the corner, and that is why Tommy slipped. Now Jeff lets go forward a few rounds from that particular round. Tommy goes down in the corner again apparently from a punch.

The ref is now so confused that he decides to do what they do in the world cup soccer, he halts the fight temporarily takes a coin out of his pocket spins it up in the air and decides heads Tommy slipped and tails he went down from the punch. The coin shows heads the ref is now very pleased as to what ruling to make, and calls it a slip.

Jeff I do hope you’ve enjoyed my sarcasm I just thought I’d like to share this with you Tommy won on points keeping his unbeaten record.

Eddie Holloway.

Editors Note:
Eddie Holloway is a former amateur fighter and I respect his knowledge of boxing. We have been discussing the missuse of ice by the corner men. We will be highlighting this subject in our next issue.