goboxing is a unique concept in South Africa and one which will create a single unified boxing community between amateur, professional and recreational environments, something which has not happened before. It effectively teaches boxing gyms to run more profitably and better support themselves by giving them business skills they wouldn’t have had before, fostering skills development and employment creation.

goboxing uses a website, South Africa’s first ‘official’ online boxing portal for Amateur, Professional and White Collar gyms, Trainers, Managers & Promoters. Each member is given their own free web-page, web address and e-mail as a platform to expose and market themselves ‘intelligently’ to clients in their area. This coupled with a ‘distance learning’ program (info accessible through the website) as well as a series of bi-annual conferences around the country make goboxing the Facebook of South African boxing info. In addition, the first 50 underprivileged gyms to join the program get R2500 worth of free boxing equipment to uplift their gyms.

Created by Webmail (one of South Africa’s foremost online specialists), the site is guaranteed to have the online impact it needs. And the impact is simple- to make gyms more popular, more profitable and better known, a single unified boxing community.

Other Advantages for members include the following:
• A nationwide training campaign for gyms to train gym owners in terms of how to run their gyms
• Bi-annual conventions where gym owners share ideas, ensuring that all gym personnel are adept trainers
• goboxing assists gyms in becoming NPO’s hereby securing a channel for club sponsorship and creating a platform for tax deduction
• A system to assist in establishing high quality training techniques already utilized in a network of recognized gyms including training on motivational gym programs for children
• A structure to run gyms more efficiently and more profitably
• A directory for all managers, trainers and promoters wishing to profile and market their services
• A campaign to brand boxing to the masses
• Leverage: Advertising, equipment, and tournament costs are negotiated more competitively, leveraging a ‘collective advantage’ for all member gyms
• Marketing advantage: giving gyms online advertising space (on their web pages) to sell to their partners
• Financial intelligence: adopt goboxing debit order systems to streamline your payments
• Systems Management: use goboxing CRM system to better manage gym client bases
The way forward:
* Put together information regarding the gym, trainers, times and cost of training.
* List your upcoming events and any relevant news in your gym.
* If you have a gym sponsor you could put their logo on your page.
* Collect photos and videos which will be put in your gallery page.
* List your address as the site has mapping tech for people to download a map to your gym.
* Email info to us and we’ll put it on the site and call you about the way forward.

Gyms wishing to join the program should contact:

Anton Gilmore (0836530190; boxoffice34@yahoo.com)
or Gareth Masters (gareth@goboxing.co.za)
Tel: 011-431-2838
Cell: 082-902-4035
Fax: 086-693-5859