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“The Three Musketeers” - by Bongani Magasela

When one mentions Westbury, one thinks of gangsters and hardened criminals who drink blood for spiritual uplifting.

Hey that was then, we are talking about now.

I mean the modern Westside, my broer, die kassie van Cameron “Kangaroo” Adams, Wayne “Poier” Martins, Peter “Kosh” Favor and Charlie “Champ” Borias.

These ouens het gerol, ek sê. Hulle was nie bang. Hulle het vuiste geslaan
binne and buite die ring.

These guys and others had bloody wars in the streets but hey it was then.

When Adams disappeared, some guys tried but were not successful in becoming champions. It was until Earl Morais who gave that so called coloured kassie a new meaning.

Trained by Reggie Healey, a former gang member, Morais won the SA cruiserweight belt which he defended four times. He lost it in his fifth defense
to Baldwin Tshiakale.

Morais is retired. However now there is an emerging youngster. His name is
Marcel Japhta. A rock-solid yet goodlooking fighter, who has unnoticeably
taken over from Morais.

Tall and athletic, Japhta, made an impression by winning the Baby Champs featherweight belt in 2007 and he followed up with the Gauteng strap which he vacated early this year due to no challenges.

Japhta regained the Gauteng title amateur fighters, are from Noordgesig (Bulte — geen rus nog minner stulte).

These are the guys who masterminded Morais’ demise. “Black Stone” Tshiakale from Limpopo was their fighter. This achievement was considered a fluke, but Pailman, Martins and Favor went on to produce Japhta and Nkululeko “Bull Dog” Mhlongo (2007 Baby Champs junior middleweight). Pailman “Bernster” in particular, has done pretty well for himself and his hard work has been noticed by other trainers who have roped him in when their fighters were involved in world title fights outside the country - those are Silence Mabuza, Takalani Ndlovu,
Peter Mashamaite. Recently he helped Gert Strydom in the corner of Malcolm Klassen who ended the reign of Cassius Baloyi as the IBF holder.

Today Pailman, Martins and Favor are counted alongside the list of achievers. They have also co-hosted professional tournaments with Tesbo and People Promotions.

Sadly though Pailman, Martins and Favor have not impressed the committee of the annual awards committee.

The only thing I can say to the THREE MUSKETEERS is “Ouens, gaan maar aan. Hulle tyd sal kom.”

I take my leave.