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After reading your magazine from cover to cover in a short space of time. Great and exciting topics were covered on boxers of the past. I can only congratulate you on a fine magazine that is full of exciting stories.

It’s long overdue such a well - presented magazine has finally reached the shelves along with other sports magazine. The topics covered on old and present boxers, is a brilliant idea. Having being involved in boxing all of my life and being in contact with a lot of the famous boxers, it’s nice to read about them.

If only we could have some amateur coverage as well, considering the world champions of today were also amateurs once.

Always your friend in sport.
Charlie Bensch.

It’s always nice to know what’s happening in and around the amateurs. We will cover amateur boxing from time to time. You are welcome to send us some information. Ed.

Congratulations on your new magazine. I think it is quite superb. I wish you the best of luck with it. GOD BLESS.
John Germanos

It gives me great pleasure to make the following comments:

Firstly the quality of the magazine is very good. The present and past history
of our boxers makes it a first. We must never forget our boxers of the past.
I strongly believe that we don’t have to stand back for any other magazine including the “USA” Ring magazine. To the contributors I say “Thank You”. Thank you for the great work. To “Nat Fleisher” You met your match! I rate Terry Pettifer, Ron Jackson and Brian at his level, if not better! To Brian you made our country proud, you deserve the Hall of Fame.
Dellas Delport – Boxing Fan

What a pleasant surprise I got this morning when I opened an envelope and received your magazine. I have always been a Brian Mitchell and Harold Volbrecht fan – apart from being great fighters they are true gentlemen and a credit to the sport that we love so much. Your magazine is excellent and my congratulations to you and all the people that assisted on the publication. Regards,
Daryll Ribbink



It is sometimes a small world we live in that I went to my bank and who should I bump in to but you and then you tell me that you have bought out a new boxing magazine and it was something I was going to ask you if I saw you at the next East Rand Veterans meeting but you beat me to the punch and I feel you have put a very good team together in Brian, Terry, Ron, Pete, André and Bongani.

I hope it’s a team that will take it on the chin and I would like to be the first to take Terry Pettifer to task about the heavyweights rating and it is not about correcting Terry it about time frame. I am one of those that will say that sportsmen and women before the 1940 did not have the same tools to apply there ability as sportsmen and women have today. So if I had to look at the best SA heavyweights lets look at todays fighters as the past is the past and I do not believe there are films or such things to have seen how good the past fighters were and how we can compare them with the modern fighter as the training methods have changed and that is for all sports.

The one thing that I could agree with Terry is the fighters from the old days and that is from the 1930 till 1980 were harder as they fought 15 rounds and the gloves were not like today’s gloves. So if I had the space I could rate the heavy’s and give my reason but this is how I would rate them. 1. Corrie Sanders 2. Gerrie Coetzee 3. Johnny du Plooy 4. Pierre Coetzer 5. Kallie Knoetze 6. Mike Schutte 7. Sarel Aucamp 8. Gerrie de Bruin 9. Johnny Ralph 10. Jimmy Richards
Anyway gents keep up the good work and lets make this magazine a success. Yours in sport
Coenie Bekker