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Great to see that South Africa has a quality boxing magazine again – a worthy successor to magazines of the past and in my opinion long overdue.

I noticed a marked improvement in the second issue as more attention had been given to spelling and the overall layout. My only criticism would be with the layout f
the photos as I feel that in the present overlapping format it detracts from the
overall quality of the magazine.

May it continue to improve and well done to you and your editorial staff for launching the magazine, long may it continue.

I look forward to receiving future issues.

Yours sincerely
Dennis Jackson
London, UK


I would like to ask you and your fellow scribes on boxing why it is that we believe that fighters from the past are better than today’s fighters. If we accept this then we are saying that boxing has not improved like other sports.

Yes, the fighters of today don’t seem to be as tough as the old timers but they are
fitter and are more scientific and they seem to be better equipped than the old timers of the 1940’s and before that. We should judge fighters on what they achieved in their time frame and I believe that we do not give enough credit to
today’s fighters. For example take Hall of Famer Brian Mitchell, can we compare him with Andries Steyn. This would be wrong because Andries never had the same opportunities as Brian.

However, maybe Andries did have the opportunities and did not take them, whereas Brian did. We must remember like all sports, boxing has also improved and so have boxers.

Yours in sport
Coenie Bekker