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WORLD BOXING COUNCIL NEWS - August 7, 2009 – Mexico City.
From WBC President José Sulaimán:

“The WBC is announcing the institution of a new WBC green and gold belt to be called ‘WBC Diamond Championship,’ an honorary championship exclusively for fights between elite boxers.

“This new implementation has been approved by a unanimous vote of the WBC Board of Governors, and will actively participate to keep boxing as great as ever with new and exciting formats for the fans.

“Boxing is changing; it has a heavy influence from television and promoters
looking for highly interesting and passionate battles for the benefit of the
boxing fans of the world.

“The WBC believes that this belt will play a very important role in modern
boxing, as the fights between elite boxers called “catch weight” fights,
have not been a complete success due to the fact that the advertising is
only done for fans to know who is the best between two fighters and nothing
else is at stake.

“The WBC will propose that the promotion renders homage to the two greatest fighters of such division, as they will be showcased in the belt.

“This WBC Diamond Belt is being manufactured using the same design as the traditional belt but the materials will include 18 karat gold fusion, 598 diamonds, 196 emeralds, six rubies and 150 Swarovsky semi-precious stones.

“I am very proud of this step taken by the WBC, as it will be in benefit of improving boxing, in benefit of the boxing fans of the world, as well as promoters, television and everybody involved in the sport of boxing.”


Dear Jeff

After reading your June 09 issue, the topics of our past hero’s makes it a great magazine, to Jeff and everyone that made it possible, thanks and keep up the good work. Keep them rolling we can’t wait. Thanks for giving back to boxing.

The “Fist of Fury” tournament at Emperors Palace 28 July 09 was well attended for a midweek show. The organizing was spot on, well done to you and your staff. Information given by Jeff Jnr. on Brian Mitchell’s second inauguration was an eye opener, we can’t wait to once again see him amongst the greatest fighters of all

I also have some negative comment to make. The bout between Johnny Koen and Osgood Kayuni was not good for boxing. How the boxing commission could allow an in-experienced referee to referee a professional fight. She had no idea of what she was doing.

Koen was warned for holding all the time. This was not the case. When Koen was on one knee – Osgood kept on hitting him. No intervention from the ref! Osgood kept hitting after the ref. called break. He received no warning. Osgood on more than one occasion landed a low blow, which the ref. chose to ignore. Osgood’s corner carried on like they were in a shebeen, she did nothing to call the corner to order. Not once was Osgood warned. What a one-sided fight!

I can forever point out her mistakes. It’s ref’s like her that give boxing a bad
name. She should be sent for corrective training and to study the rules. I would
like to hear BSA’s response to this. I will be taking the matter up with them.
Dallas Delport – Boxing Fan

Dear Jeff

I watched the Oosthuizen vs Lovett fight Saturday 11TH July on Super sport 7 and
when the first round started with Jared Lovett taking the fight to Tommy Oosthuizen and both throwing punches like there was no tomorrow. Tommy caught Jared with a straight left/right combination and blooded Jared face. The bell ended an exciting opening round.

What upset me was that Colin Nathan did not advise Jared correctly. Colin should have instructed Jared to -: 1) Keep his left foot on Tommy’s outside right foot. 2) Bob and weave make yourself smaller and work his body. 3) Cut the corners move Tommy in to the corner and keep him on his back foot against the ropes.

I believe the wrong instructions were given to Jared, he should have trained in the gym to cut the corners and to bob and weave but no, all I heard was “throw the overhand right” this to me was a wrong instruction and I am not knocking Colin Nathan in fact I have high regards for Colin as a trainer but he did not do his home work or he does not know how you should fight a taller fighter than yourself.

I am not saying that Jared would have beaten Tommy but he would have made a
better fight of it and would have had a better chance of winning the fight. Yes there was always a risk that Tommy would have caught him with that feared dynamite left hand, but if he used the above advise he would have made Tommy change his fight plan and fight Jared differently taking more risks, this would
have suited Jared better.

To Jared I say one loss is nothing, keep training hard and you will reap the benefits.

Coenie Bekker
Former SA Middleweight Champion