Most consecutive unbeaten streak- by Ron Jackson

In boxing it’s not uncommon for fighters to remain unbeaten for extended periods of time, scoring dozens of wins along the way. However, a winning streak must not be confused with an unbeaten streak when a fighter can have drawn matches on his record.

The longest unbeaten streak known in boxing belongs to world flyweight champion Jimmy Wilde of Wales who defeated Les Williams on December 26, 1910 on his professional debut and remained unbeaten until he was stopped in the seventeenth round by Tancy Lee on January 25, 1915.

Spaniard Pedro Carrasco the WBC lightweight champion remained unbeaten through 93 fights from April 22, 1964 to February 18, 1972 when he was beaten by Mando Ramos.

Sugar Ray Robinson considered the greatest fighter of all time won the world
welterweight title and then captured the world middleweight title five times,
when there were only eight weight divisions, was unbeaten in 91 fights. His
unbeaten streak started on February 19, 1943 and ended on July 10, 1951 when
he lost the world middleweight title to Randolph Turpin.

South Africa’s Brian Mitchell the former South African, WBA and IBF junior
lightweight champion tops the list in South Africa.

After losing on a points decision against Jacob Morake on May 3, 1982 he
remained unbeaten for the rest of his career.

Nkosana “Happyboy” Mgxaji won his first 33 fights before losing to Anthony
Morodi on June 24, 1972. He then ran up another unbeaten streak of 39 fights
before losing to Samuel Serrano on April 14, 1979 when challenging for the WBA
junior lightweight title.